My name is Janet Gallo. I was born in Havana, Cuba, and grew up in Camaguey, where my ancestors settled more than a century ago at the time when Cuba was a colony of Spain. I was the only daughter from the marriage of two doctors trained after the Cuban revolution. My mother was a medical doctor and my father a veterinarian. My parents cultivated into me the love for nature, animals, art and knowledge.

At age 12 I enrolled at Luis Casas Romero, a school specializing in fine arts in the capital city of Camaguey. For the next three years, I received lessons in various techniques of representation such as watercolor, sculpture, engraving, drawing with pencil and charcoal and some notions of European art and Cuban art. This school was a wonderful experience because it introduced to me the world of art and I met many artists who have left a lasting influence on me, both personally and professionally.

After finishing the school of fine arts, I registered into the Vocational Pre-University Institute of Exact Sciences, "Máximo Gómez Báez", where I received the necessary prerequisites needed to apply to the Higher Institute of Design in Havana. There I would eventually embark on a study of industrial design, specializing in Interior Design and graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in 1996.

Subsequently, I worked as an interior designer and project manager in a company specialized in architectural design and engineering in the city of Camaguey. I participated in various projects such as "Villa Sol Club Cayo Largo" for Sol Melia, the designing and restoration of a historic building called "El Colonial" in Camaguey, Cuba. I also participated in other projects in different areas on the island of Cuba.
After moving to Toronto, my life entered a profound process of transformation. Witnessing so many cultures coexisting and blending felt encouraging and wonderful; having respect for diversity and understanding of other cultures is something that enriches all individuals and society as a whole.

My artistic work is a form of self-exploration and healing, with emphasis on spontaneity as a renunciation of control. It relies on cultivation of a contemplative state devoid of ego that evokes more than anything the scope of inspiration and creative imagination, as concepts that are applied with greater property to the field of spiritual search than to the styles of art and culture. I am developing the ability to maintain a spiritual awareness and recover the ability to experiment.

"Culture that does not derive or base itself on nature's harmony has no roots and can't survive long. Without a deep connection to nature, people drift into sickness, grow negative, and destroy themselves spiritually and physically. Deeply connected to nature, we witness beauty everywhere, including wholly within ourselves."

The Secret Prophecy of the Grandmothers

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