Collaborative murals creates images and opportunities for understanding.

Collaborative Murals are designed to bring people together regardless of the diversity of experiences, perspectives, curiosities or languages. It facilitates interactions among people who might not normally talk, encouraging dialogue.

The Project is Collaborative from concept to design to implementation.The Mural is used as a tool of Artistic, Historical, Educational, Social and Humanistic Expression and have a positive impact of education to the viewer.

"David Hornell Junior School 50th Anniversary Collaborative Mural Painting"

David Hornell Junior School Commemorating 50 years of Education, decides to celebrate, painting a mural dedicated to the Community and the Memory of David Hornell, Fighter Pilot in World War II.

The Board of Teachers represented by Ms.Yee let me know they were interested in creating a design which included some symbols such as a the school playground, poppies (flowers representing the fallen in combat), the "Go Train" passing behind the school, and an airplane).

Another of the goals that The Board proposed was that all students and teachers would have the opportunity to get involved in the Mural.

Mural art is intended for educational purposes in public places where all kinds of people regardless of race and class could access therefore not just a hobby for the elite.
Our Solution

We agreed to allocate the time participation of 200 children in the 5 days of work and areas in which they will paint. Maria Rosario, a mother, and Ms. Yee made it possible everything to run smoothly as planned. Some children returned at lunch time to keep painting and even the teachers were excitedly waiting for their chance to paint.


All together the mural painted involved the conjoined efforts of 200 Children, 6 Parent volunteers, a Grandmother, all teachers including maintenance personnel at the school and the Principal. Each of them had their space and time to make a stroke, which made the project was an artistic triumph, both children and adults equally enjoyed. The collective enthusiasm was contagious and everyone stopped to let me know how happy they were with the Mural.

One of the most enjoyable things is to hear comments from people and how they identify with the symbols on the mural. The sun, the trees, the flowers, many people were eager to see the final results of their hard work and how the color scheme would turn out. The comments are always enlightening and supportive.

Some people may not even speak English, but that will never be a barrier to the communication and enjoyment they can experience through art and working together to create a visual for the whole community. 

  • A space for tolerance.
  • Didactic lessons and exchange of experiences
  • Messages of peace and hope.

Collaborative murals creates images and opportunities for understanding. We offers a complete service from consultation through to completion ensuring that your original work of art is a beautiful focal point.

  • A space for tolerance.
  • Didactic lessons and exchange of experiences
  • Messages of peace and hope.

Dear Janet,
Words can't express how much your thoughtfulness is apprecited.
Thank You from the staff studens and the whole David Hornell School Community.